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Right Idea Media & Creative has been a trusted full-service marketing company for garage door companies since 2014. During nearly a decade of service working with over 50 garage door businesses spread across the United States, we have come to understand the garage door industry through crafting impactful advertising campaigns, tailoring beautiful custom websites optimized for SEO, developing compelling digital content, and engaging in social media initiatives that have captured customers’ attention nationwide. At Right Idea, we work for you, so you can focus on what’s important—your customers and community.

Full-Service and Results-Driven

As a leading full-service agency, Right Idea Media & Creative specializes in a comprehensive range of offerings and an unwavering commitment to excellence. If applicable to your business, we even offer a full co-op reimbursement guarantee. We provide a comprehensive approach to fulfill your business’ diverse marketing needs, including strategic planning, creative concept development, co-op-compliant digital marketing, advertising campaigns, and more. We’ll even file co-op for you!
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Here are some of the monthly results you can expect from Right Idea's Marketing Insights:


more phone calls


increase in web traffic


increase in Google Business Profile views, calls, and clicks


additional form submissions

Tailored Websites Your Customers Will Always Find

Our customizable themed sites are tailored to your specific brand, its offerings, and customer demographic. All of Right Idea’s sites are fully optimized for SEO right out of the box and made with best practices in mind; so new customers will always find you! With multiple site styles to choose from, our team of Web Developers have a wide variety of creative assets and options at their disposal to customize your site to best suit your business! Right Idea’s website themes are an excellent option for giving your marketing and business efforts that extra push!

The Creative Vault

Right Idea Media & Creative generates all marketing and advertising for businesses using nearly a decade of experience advertising products in both Residential and Commercial spaces. We do it all, from Google Search to traditional advertising and social media! The Creative Department at Right Idea understands what your distinctive customer base responds to and has years of results-driven data to back it up. At the same time, our Digital Marketing Department can quickly hone in on your ideal customer, identify what channels and content they respond to, and deploy proven strategies to grow your business!